@w84death That is beautiful! I should get mine this week and I can't wait to play around with Godot and the Pi.

Two questions. I thought the Pi would support gles3. or am I misremembering?

Also, what IPS screen is that? Would you recommend it for a rpi indie console setup?

@johannesg I did not manage to run gles3, I think it's a problem with drivers (they are still named vc4 while pi4 have vc6 GPU).

The screen seeedstudio.com/10-1-inch-1200 is very good and I will be using it for all sort of things and computers.

It will be very useful on upcoming Slavic Game Jam

just to ad a note : you actually can compile and run godot 3.2-dev games on a RPI3 for 2D in GLES2 at least with GL driver enabled... no need for special port ime... (I have posted somewhere here on (°m how I did... )

I don't have the Pi4, still wait for the dust to settle ;)


@w84death Writing this from my brand new rpi4 that arrived today. Compiling Godot as we speak.

"My resent projects sizes are between 100-600kb"

Do you mean that's the size of the final standalone executable of the game?

Or is that just the sources?

@Naughtylus Project size. Everything minus engine that I have installed on the system globally. Then I just run 'godot' in project folder to execute game.

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