Remember the assets I was migrating from Unity to Unreal Engine?

We're almost there! It already looks amazing (thanks to Tom work on lighting and color correction)

@w84death that citylayout!
I always struggle to layout my stuff so that it looks realistic. Not to chaotic and also not checkerboard street grid...

@cy It's not my content - it's beffio stuff I'm just working there migrating assets (Unity->UE4) it and learning :) But yes this is very nice layout (and models).

@w84death So a Godot port of these assets next? XD

@cy we'll investigate that possibility but remember that this is a paid asset. But having a ready to go Godot pack would be nice :)

@w84death oh, I didn't know. We need to grow the Godot asset store!

@cy I was thinking of proposing some small subset of this asset as a free demo. But now I need to finish the porting to .

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