My new server in the family :)
80Mhz and 1MB of disk. Awesome!

It serves a page about itself at

@w84death that is amazing, add a micro sd-card module and it would likely be able to comepte against this solar powered website

@carbontwelve Yes! That is my ultimate goal - super small self-sustainable server.

@w84death inspired by the lowtech magazine website I began looking into what it would take to host a similar website outside in a weather sealed container with a 5 or 10W south facing panel.

Its getting that balance of power draw vs performance right that's the difficult bit.

@w84death That's perfect !

Juste one point : My firefox is angry with the source because you forgot <!DOCTYPE html>

Nitpicking, but ESP8266WebServer doesn't seem all that lightweight. Stuff like iterating through all headers to see if the searched one exists and if it exists, iterate again to get its value (::authenticate) or building new Strings from existing Strings (::_prepareHeader) aren't good signs.

The impact is probably negligible though (either because it's not were the CPU spends time or because the compiler is able to optimise most of it).

Nice project!

@w84death and as I can see, you can do lisp on that powerful machine 👍👍👍 that's interesting for me as well 🤔

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