FLOPPINUX - 🐧Linux on a Single 💾Floppy

Short story why I decided to make my own one floppy distribution.

An extensive yet simple tutorial/workshop on how to make embedded Linux distribution under 1.44MB.

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@w84death Create this grub file that will point to your newly created kernel and filesystem:

but year making a syslinux config, should’ve been syslinux or bootloader config file instead of gruf file

@adamd Hi, can I use your screenshot in a blog post about FLOPPINUX reception?
If yes, how should I credited you? I understand this is in QEMU not real hardware?

@w84death Help yourself to the screen shot. No credit required so as you wish is fine. It was Qemu.

@w84death The embedded world is also interesting about compact distributions due to really smaller memory, and beside linux, but could manage less devices on IBM PC compatibles, bare metal small OS, like BareBox.

I like the example of BareDoom, a Doom port on BareBox, compiled on RISC-V ISA, runing on TinyEMU (a risc-V emulator from Fabrice Bellard, the author of Qemu and ffmpeg), itself compiled in WASM and so woking in a browser with the help of jsLinux (from Bellard too) ^^.

The Web version :

Pinphone is a large memory device but allow to set together lot of distributions on one SDcard or flashable eeprom.
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