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@BryanLunduke congrats on being spotlight on

I'm downloading all of your newest videos to share them and also own some precious credits by that ;)

@w84death @BryanLunduke So LBRYio works by decentralizing the video hosting? If you want to "post" the video you have to cough up the internet bandwidth and hosting space?

Krzysztof Jankowski

@BNolet @BryanLunduke You can, you don't have to. Other ppl (like me) can do this and earn credits. At last that's how I understand it. I think the biggest problem right now is that whole platform is confusing to new users. And it's still very, very early alpha state (lot of bugs/problems).

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@w84death @BryanLunduke it sounds quite interesting to be honest, I like the idea of users taking part in the control and management of distribution of the content they like. I have a feeling however it's going to create this sort of false dichotomy in the media that this sort of distribution method is going to facilitate anarchy and evildoing