@w84death This looks awesome. What is this and how can I find out more without learning to read Japanese?

The web version: fukuno.jig.jp/app/IchigoJam/

manual: ichigojam.net/IchigoJam-en.htm

It's just a BASIC, if you know it you can play with with no problem.

If you have a then: ichigojam.github.io/RPi/ (on PiZero I have 1Ghz vs 48Hz of IchigoJam!)

And you can buy real hardware here: pcn-en.stores.jp/ I will be buing few of them after the paycheck ;)

@w84death cool! I ordered an Ichigojam a few days ago and was going to ask if you had any documentation. Does it come with an English reference? I may install the pi version on a zero as well.

Have you seen IchigoLatte ? Same concept but simplified JavaScript instead of basic.

@sloum I don't know what's inside the package. but looking at the pictures its probably japanese. But I know BASIC well so I juz needed to have reference for commands. And I looked at the code ppl publishing here/twitter and ichigojam subpages (i clicked all links on those crazy japan pages)

I see JS version but I really like the feel of old C64 that IchigoJam gives. Also 1KB restriction is an added challenge to the fun I have with it.

Until I get Ichigojam PiZero is good enough

@w84death cool! Does the basic shell it boots into allow for file save and load? Or is it limited to a single buffer?

@sloum on Raspberry Pi you have like 100 slots 1KB each. On IchigoJam hardware you have 3x1KB only.


@sloum I forgot about one neat/nerd feature OG IchigoJam have: you can plug into it additional EEPROM chip and save (1KB) programs there. Then plug it to the other one (e.g. friend) and copy the code to that device. Or use it like an external memory to run programs from it.

There are few options up to couple of MB of storage.

I'm happy that my research helps also you ;)

@w84death Cool! I'm not sure at all how to do that. But I look forward to figuring it out now that I know it is a possibility. :)

@w84death I've read through the language documentation and most of it makes sense to me (all of the things that make sense to me in other languages make sense here too). With the exception of arrays. There is not much explanation. Are you able to store data in an array and access by index? Can an array be assigned to a variable like: LET A, [1,2,3,4]

then retrieve 2 with something like A[1]?

Do you know if there is a builtin for returning the line number (ie. to store the current line number to a variable, then goto somewhere and then use the line number variable as part of the navigation to a different area of the program?)

Thanks again in advance!

@sloum I don't think this basic support any arrays.

Istead of using numbers for goto you cen youse @LABEL

@w84death perfect. Thanks. Also, I stumbled upon some form of global array.

> LET [1] ,5,7,9

Then calling:

> PRINT [2]

Should return:
> 7

> [2] = [2] + 5

Should result in:
> 12

Hopefully that is accurate and helpful.

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