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Krzysztof Jankowski

It's a (super) small step for my CPU but a huge jump for my programming knowledge.

In other words: my first on !

It's not that scary as I always think it'll be :D

10 I=#900
25 IF I%#20=9 I=I+#17
30 POKE +I,1+RND(#4)
40 IF I< I=I+#01:GOTO 25
50 I=#900:GOTO 25

I pushed my computer to its limits adding textures :D But the version looks super nice!

If you want to test your browser performance, here is the source:

I have intro and first two rooms :) Yes, its inspired.

It's pure stuff. Impress for logic/animation and Draw for rooms.

Started my game for It will be a simple adventure made in Impress :)

Here is a gif of me testing style/logic. It is a true multi-platform "engine" :D

Hangover Game Jam 2018 is the best thing you can do on the first day off a new year! ( powered)