I messed up with the physics parameters and now the delivery truck🚚 is possessed!😈😂

Finally after many tweaks and updates our traffic system is getting mature! The 🏙️city feels very natural with all the 🚗🚙🚌cars, 🛩️planes and 🚋trams.

There's still room for little fixes here and there. Did you spot those problems? :)

My idea to fix the blocked car is to spawn them at spawning point (gray dumb car). Here are the first tests. The red car has spawning point and restarts at first hit, the blue one has not.

Now I need to detect cars that can not move (stuck, crash).

You can not imagine how much time, try and errors I lost to made those three plane's propellors rotate...

A big personal accomplishment! :)

Just a stress-test with a lot of lights (shadows enabled). I was working on a problem with a blueprint on lower fps. It worked :)

Developer video looks nice so I decided to share it :)

Planes Blueprint has now taxiing and flying switch. Flying gives a smooth curve for landing and takes off. Also customizable waiting time between flights.

It's Superman... It's a Bird... It's a Plane...! ;)

Another feature for City Aventure is ready. Rotating the splines points at corners makes the plane movement more organic.

When you go with your friends to catch some fish during forest lockdown ...but you see the police coming ;)

I think that the system is working well enough! :)

Only a few roads have splines in this video. Now I need to properly rig all the other cars to support vehicle . I did it wrong the first time...

I fixed all the bugs, made the much nicer to read with comments and better node placement. Cars choose randomly from up to three connected splines.

This small testing map was very useful :)

The tutorial I follow ended up without the last part and some bugs. So I needed to finish and fix it myself with zero knowledge of . I think I deliver ;)

Few things left to fix but it's awesome already as it is!

And the AI (right car) wins :L

This is first step of the spline-based traffic system. The tutorial is chaotic and complicated but at last, it works :)

It's not perfect but it's my first working vehicle in :)

Everything looks so cute that even the camera problems fit perfectly - I think I'll stick with it for now ;)

This (upcoming) asset is City Adventure by beffio studio

They say that there is a moment that something "clicks". I got that moment today figuring out Sequence curves.
I never understand them fully and got confused.

Now I can manipulate the camera using curves exclusively! :)

Remember the assets I was migrating from Unity to Unreal Engine?

We're almost there! It already looks amazing (thanks to Tom work on lighting and color correction)

Story: view from the main, more wealthy street at the more mining oriented, poorer part. Also start of the road to the mountain.

Light distribution: screen divided diagonally for dark and white space.

Started working on new in . It will use exclusively one asset pack.

Right now I'm blocking the level and getting used to the assets itself.

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