I'm on a mission to compile with HTML5 extension on Windows10. Already lost time fighting with GitHub permissions and just got .zip at the end ;P

Now I'm doing the famous Setup scripts that should take hour or so.

After tweaking with the new atmosphere settings I finally get the look I wanted. Island made in and rendered in real time in .

I messed up with the physics parameters and now the delivery truck🚚 is possessed!😈😂

Finally after many tweaks and updates our traffic system is getting mature! The 🏙️city feels very natural with all the 🚗🚙🚌cars, 🛩️planes and 🚋trams.

There's still room for little fixes here and there. Did you spot those problems? :)

My idea to fix the blocked car is to spawn them at spawning point (gray dumb car). Here are the first tests. The red car has spawning point and restarts at first hit, the blue one has not.

Now I need to detect cars that can not move (stuck, crash).

You can not imagine how much time, try and errors I lost to made those three plane's propellors rotate...

A big personal accomplishment! :)

Just a stress-test with a lot of lights (shadows enabled). I was working on a problem with a blueprint on lower fps. It worked :)

Developer video looks nice so I decided to share it :)

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