Few fresh screenshots from Raspberry Pi 4.
I updated materials and made more optimization (now it's 35-40fps).

Work on the next Visual Shader tutorial.

Hard work is done. I just need to add few comments.

@Naughtylus Project size. Everything minus engine that I have installed on the system globally. Then I just run 'godot' in project folder to execute game.

@johannesg I did not manage to run gles3, I think it's a problem with drivers (they are still named vc4 while pi4 have vc6 GPU).

The screen seeedstudio.com/10-1-inch-1200 is very good and I will be using it for all sort of things and computers.

It will be very useful on upcoming Slavic Game Jam

@johannesg I'm using it right now as a secondary computer!

Look at the latest video here: twitter.com/w84death/status/11

It's too big for mastodon :P

@johannesg much better than I expected :) and its the first time the editor and 3D part of the engine works. I'm working on a super simple test game to proof that Pi4 could be something like an indie game console.

When errors becomes new effects.

Latest update: GLES3, 525,9 kB project size, $10 GPU but Quadro ;)

100% made inside (exept MIDI tune)

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