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Today's learning acro mode outside. It wasn't without failures: antenna brakes in the middle of its length and the reception gets lost constantly. But for the time it worked I got some footage :)

TinyHawk Resurrected 🚁
FPV🥽Training At Home🏠

After many problems, it finally works and flys quite well :)

OMG! The perfect notebook is almost real -> MNT Reform ❤️❤️❤️
Trackball, mechanical keyboard, open-source drivers, 12" and runs on 18650.

I hope they will succeed and I'll get one of them in the future :)

🖨️3D printer broke... (one of the step motors died)
🚁Resurrected drone keeps losing joints each time I got it outside to fly...

Yeah, life is a sin() function📉📈.

But knowing that I keep smiling😄as it will go up from now!📈

Yeah! Own On Screen Display logo ;)
I heard it gives +5 to speed and +10 to charisma ;P

TinyHawk Resurrected💓
First Acro IRL🥏 First Build Drone🛠️ One Pack 🔋


Tested it outside and it flys like a charm!
Flying saucer
Smiling face with 3 hearts

I only soldered two engines - still keeping strong. But after two batteries the one with original connector finally broke and it was the end of testing. So I need to solder all of them.

It looks horrible wrong. It is not protected at all. But, it flys! (hover in the air at apartment)

Today I will test it outside for some longer fly time. Keep finger crossed.

The Fly - alpha1 :P

I modeled and rendered my dream quad II Race in ! :)

I don't have $ at the moment to buy it but at last, I can play with it in 3D. I'm thinking of making and printing a small keychain also.

My rebuild project gots another update!

I added a strap for the battery 🔋 and fixed the camera 🎥. The final model will have a custom canopy but this is for the alpha testing.

The missing motor⚙️will be ordered soon.

My first small success - 🏁1:20:73, #98 on the leaderboard for The Field track. After 8h in the simulator.

The #1 made it in 35sec so there is a lot to improve :)

Good news! I got my birthday present🎂 :)
Super awesome Jumper T12 Pro radio transmitter. As I don't have any working drone at the moment I started to learn in the simulator ( I get quite good at it.


Resurrecting the goes quite well till I found out why I failed last time. The problematic engine loses the wire connection. This can't be fixed. I needed a new engine.

So no flying till I got spare money for the new drone (Racing2) and engine.

I hate spying tools. So instead I made this button on my page. It's completely optional and uses .cgi Perl script at the backend.

Want to count your visit? Just press the button :)

I messed up with the physics parameters and now the delivery truck🚚 is possessed!😈😂

Finally after many tweaks and updates our traffic system is getting mature! The 🏙️city feels very natural with all the 🚗🚙🚌cars, 🛩️planes and 🚋trams.

There's still room for little fixes here and there. Did you spot those problems? :)

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