Tor Browser protects against tracking, surveillance, and censorship, and we think everyone should be able to use it and enjoy the universal human rights to privacy and freedom online.

We’re in a race with censors.

They're getting more sophisticated, and so must we.

@torproject we need Tor integrated into major web browsers, like Firefox and Chromium/Chrome. That's the only way to get it in the hands of regular users.


@rysiek @torproject Brave now has Incognito Tor mode out of the box on desktop builds. I've already switched from Chrome & Chromium to it (though I still mostly use Firefox.)

@rysiek @waddlesplash @torproject Mozilla and Tor are working on that. It's called Project Fusion (Firefox Using Onion).

@r3bl @rysiek @waddlesplash @torproject

firefox with integrated tor would be great for end users on all devices. and messengers like matrix + mastodon through onion addresses instead of clearnet too. would increase privacy alot. cdn/fonts via .onion would reduce tracking alot.

@veryonline @waddlesplash @rysiek @torproject Maybe. But they do sell ad space to make money. And show those instead of the ads they block on the sites you visit. No, thanks.

@waddlesplash @rysiek @torproject How does that square with the "cryptocurrency to fund this project" part of the project?

@drwho @rysiek @torproject no, I know about BAT, I'm asking how you see this as a conflict of interest

@waddlesplash @rysiek @torproject Traffic analysis on blockchains is a deanonymization strategy. This seems problematic in light of their privacy stance.

@waddlesplash @rysiek @torproject I use brave on almost everything now. I see arch repo still has the electron version though

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