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is anyone working on saving or archiving any of the content from gnusocial.de? they are deleting everything in a few days. its one of the first large instances of the and I am sure there is many important discussions that have taken place there that it would be historically relevant to keep. @textfiles ?

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@textfiles @wakest You cannot do that without violating GDPR in some way I think.

@Zulgrib @textfiles you certainly can still archive data after the gdpr.

@textfiles @wakest Data that isn't yours, containing potentially personal informations?
Good luck 👍

@dragnucs @textfiles I don't really understand. but they said they are deleting everything by the 31st so we don't have much time. I was tempted to try to see if there was anyone who would volunteer to take it over.

@debugninja @dragnucs can forward you the email I received from them about it if your interested. maybe there would be more time if they knew someone would take it over.

@wakest »All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.»

@mmn there are a lot of discussions I find that happen in these places that are found ten years later and become vary useful. and important to have the ability to reference.

@mmn tears in the rain are not so reference-able. Words on the other hand are