@wakest I figured it was inevitable that they'd sell the domain to recoup some losses. gonna make my t-shirt harder to explain every time it changes hands.

its the year 2030: twitter.com is the website of an insurance company in new jersey usa

@wakest the twist: the insurance company is owned by jack

also it's failing

@kibi the insurance company was originally part of something in a square? but jack got kicked out of the square because he spent too much time tooting (they use to call it tweeting before that had this weird trumpian connotation)

@wakest i'm just imagining this situation where jack goes “screw this internet stuff i'm going to start a business that it will be impossible to fail at: an insurance company in Jersey”

but Little Does He Know…

@wakest In the year 2018, Slashdot is run by a former cocaine-smuggling cartel.

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