Does the really not have any official presence on the yet? Looks like all the accounts are unofficial twitter bridges. Who can we talk to to get them to install or on their own domain so they have super official presence here?!

@ajeremias @Trumpy @ajeremias @switchingsocial

I tweeted at them here if yall would be so kind as to respond or share it on twitter maybe we can get it some traction...

@Trumpy should we have a mini fediverse twitter protest? like have 20 folks from here all tweet at them at the same time with the same request?!


I asked them about being on Mastodon a while ago, they replied that there's an unofficial mirror run by a staffer at:

and they are considering their options about official accounts.

They also emphasised their RSS feed for people who want to follow EFF without being tracked:

@wakest yeah u can do it! :D send emails, twitter... chase them everywhere u can! 🤩


You might want to email them too? They seem to respond to mails quite well.


Umm... just something clear and polite?

I said something like this: "Have you considered setting up an account on Mastodon, or even your own Mastodon instance, so I can follow the EFF without my data being sold to advertisers?"

@switchingsocial @wakest recently tweeted to @protonmail about the same thing and they are keen to get on to @Mastodon

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