hi @gergely I've noticed you're working on federating events nice!
As I understood the federation of events won't be done through #iCal. What is the reason for that? Will it be compatible with ical?

In #hubzilla, events are federated via ical. Would be great having it compatible with the way #ActivityPub does it.
Meaning also, if there are compelling arguments for doing it as in ActivityPub, to switch to this aproach

@paulfree14 @rhiaro @gergely @mhall119 Actually hubzilla events aren't currently federated via iCal, though it also provides a CalDAV server. So there are two incompatible events systems and there is an effort to reconcile them. I don't know if this is possible, but iCal has orders of magnitude more network effect than any competitor and I think it's important not to burn that bridge.

@macgirvin @paulfree14 @rhiaro @gergely @mhall119 maybe we just need to update the iCal standard to bring it up to-date and more developer friendly. There is also thats been around a long time microformats.org/wiki/hcalenda

That looks interesting, and I might even use it when displaying events. Thanks for the link!
@macgirvin @paulfree14 @rhiaro @mhall119

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