@strypey Don't most people use RSS for podcasts?

(I don't know, I just know I listen to podcasts without using iTunes)

@artsyhonker iTunes uses rss to deliver podcasts, doesn't it? And #peertube will have rss support too. I think the point it to use the rss from anything but big corporations. @strypey


@strypey @switch @artsyhonker ehhhh theres more to the history of the term then your letting on. There is a certain person over here on the that is best suited to tell that story: @adam

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@strypey @adam @artsyhonker @switch @wakest


> The word was originally suggested by Ben Hammersley as a portmanteau of "iPod" (a brand of media player) and "broadcast".

Links to https://www.theguardian.com/media/2004/feb/12/broadcasting.digitalmedia

> But what to call it? Audioblogging? Podcasting? GuerillaMedia?

So, apparently a journalist from The Guardian coined and/or popularized it.

I don't like the term either and prefer to simply call them audio feeds.
@strypey @wakest @switch @artsyhonker @adam Yeah, nah. And "web radio" seems to apply only to things that actually air and then is also put on the web. So it's hard to find a good term that people might actually accept.

What annoys me ten times more than "podcast" for an audio feed/log/whatever, is "podcast" for a podcast episode! People do this for "blog" as well. "Look at this blog we wrote last Wednesday.", "Listen to this podcast, it's an interview with XYZ.".

@notclacke I'm on the same page about episodes/podcast. But just to play the devil's advocate, is the expression "we just did a broadcast" used in a radio setting or not really?
@strypey @wakest @artsyhonker @adam

@notclacke There's also something that bothers me, the websites that name their audio releases a podcast when there IS NO EFFING FEED AVAILABLE. If there isn't a feed for me to catch the thing with a client, IT IS NOT A PODCAST. @strypey @wakest @artsyhonker @adam

@switch @adam @artsyhonker @wakest @strypey Oh yeah, this is just cringe. A podcast is an audio feed by another name. Just some website with pages with audio player widgets is not.

@strypey noobs don't know jack shit about anything. Are we going to throw away the dictionary for this reason? ;) :p @notclacke @adam @artsyhonker @wakest

@strypey that sounds right. It mustn't stop us from using words in the way they were intended to, though, don't you think? @notclacke @adam @artsyhonker @wakest

@switch @notclacke @adam @wakest @strypey Hey, I tend toward descriptivism myself, but can you un-@ me please? thanks.

@strypey Ha, you got me there. But I'll keep using podcast in the way I prefer anyway. :p @notclacke @adam @wakest

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