so now that features are really starting to diverge between different sites we really need a way to come together and decide how these little bits can fit together. for instance has a ton of features they have implemented recently like polls and reactions other then 'star',

the masto fork has implemented in their instance and it looked like misskey is doing something similar with

and both support but use a different subset so as not to be totally compatible. example here:

there is a mastodon instance that implemented in posts but not sure what the URL is or how they are doing.

@wakest last I recall from 4 years ago, hubzilla supported bbcode (which I can't stand) and optional markdown that had some issues at the time. I hope markdown gets first class support.

@fla ahh thanks looking at this now

but it looks like posts made with on get partially rendered correctly by . would like to make a diagram of the whole fediverse network and how the rendering of different things plays out.

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