Is there a tricked-out version of Ghost that lets you have a blog with all the indieweb stuff without having to do days of setup? I would pay good money for that.

@anildash theres a thread with the founder of ghost here where they talk about being totally on board with implementing into ghost if there were someone down to work on it. not really an answer to your question but tangentially so.

@jalcine @anildash not at all. Imagine being able to link and hashtag things within a post and have the humans on the other side be instantly notified. It enables many of the things Medium is trying to so but with out the centralized nature or capitalistic pressures.

@wakest @anildash

This could be achieved with WebMentions though. For example, this is a post that's pulling in mentions (replies and likes) from Twitter and other self-hosted IndieWeb sites. All done with WebMentions - a lighter specification for all of this stuff.

@jalcine @anildash webmention doesn’t have a whole vocabulary of different social actions that can be achieved like through ActivityStreams as far as I understand

@wakest @anildash @jalcine

webmention doesn't have any vocabulary itself, but there is a whole host of microformats that can be sent over webmentions.

You can see the most widely used one here:

@0x1C3B00DA @anildash @jalcine would love to see someone like @aaronpk describe the difference between the two and the Inherent downsides present in each vocabulary/protocol/method

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