can you have hyphens in usernames in any currently implemented AP software?

@dansup By the way, I've had issues with Mastodon v2.5 instances by allowing hyphens in usernames -- Masto says they're not valid now. I'm not up to date on why they decided to restrict usernames like that, but just a heads up. 🙂


@matt Thanks for the heads up, they might want to fix that bug 😉 @wakest

@dansup Agreed! Though it seems purposeful (found the GH issue here, referenced in the latest release notes: @wakest

@djsundog Yeah, seems crazy to prohibit hyphens, at the very least -- among other reasons, they're allowed in domain names.

If I was more familiar with the codebase I'd submit a pull request to fix this. But it really needs to be fixed (cc @Gargron)

@dansup @wakest

@matt @djsundog @Gargron @dansup oh hell no. that exchange is messed up. not supporting human’s legal names cause it will mess up the broken regex. thats colonialist bullshit.

@wakest @matt @dansup I agree fwiw but if you want Eugen's attention you should probably leave my handle off the posts as I'm pretty sure he has me hard muted these days.

@wakest hubzilla and osada both support hyphen. There's also an undocumented flag to allow utf-8 but it needs more testing; for instance it's really hard to mention somebody if you don't have a keyboard in their language.
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