My brother used to say that engineering is not about inventing new stuff but is actually about finding the correct value with the old, broken lab equipments

@wakest I find this one ironicly funny on a meta level, because this drawing has become a meme in itself, and it gets copied around, however, without getting transformed and combined.

(I think its primary source is everythingisaremix.info/)

@daniel_bohrer @wakest

I think that's because copying is the easiest of the three.

(That said, I'm considering the "four freedoms" of the Free Software Movement, I think there's an overlap. Does that count as combining? :P)

@ente @wakest I think the First Three Freedoms (run, study and redistribute) probably all correspond to "copy", while "transform" and "combine" would correspond to the Fourth Freedom ("improve"). So yes, there is some overlap, although I think the For Freedoms are not so much geared towards the creative process, but more towards the productive outcome of that process.

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