Evan Prodromou (who is the grandfather of federated microblogging, I don't think you wouldn't be here without them.) is hiring someone to work on ActivityPub software.

"If you want a (paying full-time permanent) job (with real human money) building server software please DM me"


"I don't think you wouldn't be here without them." wow thats a wrongly worded sentence. I meant "I don't think you WOULD be here without them"

Thanks to @clacke for pointing it out that Evan was referring to this post about the The Rebus Foundation: toot.cafe/@baldur/100827194542

They are hiring a Node developer to make a reading application with support

Looks like you can ping @baldur about the job directly on the fediverse.

@wakest @deadsuperhero @dansup Is there a way to ping Evan Prodromou here? I mean, Pleroma supports OStatus

@succfemboi @deadsuperhero @dansup no they are only twitter and pump.io and that doesnt use ostatus or activitypub for federation

@succfemboi @dansup @deadsuperhero I have actually looked really hard for it a while back but could only find ones on archive.org

@wakest on a side note, i find it funny he’s not posting it on an AP site…

@wakest Congratulations, this is the one time that I regret deleting my Twitter account. That it's for a position related to ActivityPub just adds a slight twinge of irony to the mix.

@craigmaloney @succfemboi It's not Evan's project. @baldur , who *is* on the Fediverse and directly involved with the project, posted it at toot.cafe/@baldur/100827194542934265 .
@wakest Does he want to get something new out after learning on pump.io mistakes?
I hope his new thing won't be on Node.js again :-).
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