@wakest !!! nice, lots of things I've never seen! Checking now

@wakest Yeah, I don't think there are many dank russian garage rock bands I do not know.

@neauoire one thing I have that you might like that is not online anywhere is a folder filled with weird Kazakstani pop music I copied off a person's thumb drive when I was there. Many of the names have bad ID3 encoding errors but there are many gems that I have never been able to even properly look up that I listen to a lot. (They mostly are in Russian)

@neauoire uh on our Funkwhale instance that doesn't exist yet! I guess its like a gig so I could upload it somewhere too... I also have a few gigs of music I got off of a doctor I met in Myanmar's laptop (and all their fonts)

@neauoire @wakest I’m planning to set up an instance on my mega box tomorrow if you peeps wanna use that

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