extremely fucked up situation regarding what looks like a US government sting operations directed at independent sex workers.

please share this on your own this information needs to get out.

not sure what this should be tagged for it to get a better reach here. uh help me here

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If this post is correct the idea of google handing over the usernames and passwords from a google account gives police the ability to login to any service that uses google login.

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@hypolite tagging you here since you were just talking about sex workers too. a friend just alerted me to this. looks like it happened yesterday. also looks like its not yet being talked about anywhere. thought you might want to help spread this around the fedi. I should tag some folks at switter but not sure who to start with.

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@wakest whether it was cooperation of G or fishing, this is one reason why you should not use G /FB /TW to login into anything external.
The other reason is that you may not want to tell G what external services you use at what time from where at all...
If you have an iPhone, use a good, alphanumerical PIN for the device and a different password generated by the iPhone for each service and have it save it in the iCloud Keychain. You paid for it to be very well thought out. Educate your friends.

@wakest wait, was she accused of trafficking HERSELF?

@wakest so since the police believe her to be the victim of kidnapping, they should clearly be trying to find the people who stalked and attempted to kidnap her.

I think the car said ƎƆI⅃Oꟼ on it or something like that.

@wakest If this is even remotely true — that Google lets LEO abuse its SSO service — it is absolutely goddamn massive. It means LEO can impersonate you anywhere you use Google logins.

@andi I KNOW! this story needs to get some serious visibility for tons of reasons.

@andi @wakest I don't think that's the case here - the sites mentioned in the screenshot all seem to be phishing sites set up *by* law enforcement, so Google isn't participating in this scam, at least not in that way.

@ben @andi we don't know how the police got the usernames and passwords in this case, it could be either and we wouldn't know without more information.

@wakest @andi if the police run the site, they got all that information from their own database.

Law enforcement has access to which cell towers your phone is connecting to, and anyone who runs a website can see what IP address you're connecting from and what browser you're using.

The requirement of logging in via Google is probably so law enforcement can claim that the entire Google account is guilty of the crime of *visiting the website run by police* and then take information from Google, which Google is required by law to comply with.

@ben @wakest That seems much more plausible — the entire site is a honeypot.

@andi @ben I was trying to figure out if anyone else is talking about this. I did come across one other person who has been posting stuff about how bedpage is just a cover to steal creditcard numbers.


@wakest @andi *turns to look at the TV*

"investigators will comb every inch of the shooter's house and his online footprint"

well, good to know the police are dedicating their prevention resources to a much more important issue than mass-murder.


@wakest @andi the government allocated resources to spy on sex workers who (as far as I know) have never committed mass murder, while leaving neo nazis in the "we'll deal with this if it becomes a problem" pile


@ben @andi oh yeah I agree with your sentiment. was reading your last message with the wrong tone I think


@wakest @andi I get that response a lot more than I probably should


@ben @andi I was worried you were saying the opposite.


@wakest @andi I should just start making all my sarcastic posts in lojban where there's actually a sarcasm punctuation mark

@bamfic @ben @andi what do you mean by hashtags? are there a list of hashtags used specifically by switter?

@wakest @bamfic @andi I don't have anyone from switter following me, but hopefully this works:

@AssemblyFour @e @j

@wakest @bamfic @andi @AssemblyFour @e @j (I have also sent an email to their support address with a link to the OP)

@wakest @andi @ben yeah but if I use them then my instance might get overrun with swlistings (hint)

@wakest cc @switter, might make sense to assure your userbase that this won't happen to them.

@wakest this site is so bad lmao

you just redirected immediately to google clicking every link, even though it renders something plausible-looking before you get redirected


@KitRedgrave yeah it seems like they are totally a shitty scam to lure sex workers.

@wakest yeah. kinda suspicious how they just showed up as a "generic classified ads page" with no news or anything

@KitRedgrave seems like there are a bunch of people even here on switter using them...

@wakest i hope they aren't secretly cops or anything like that

@wakest it's amazing what the force will spend money and personnel hours on

not anything to make their local community more livable or better, but purely to bust people who are just trying to make a living on phony baloney moral grounds

@KitRedgrave cause they have no moral code that makes any fucking sense also acab

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