extremely fucked up situation regarding what looks like a US government sting operations directed at independent sex workers.

please share this on your own this information needs to get out.


@wakest this site is so bad lmao

you just redirected immediately to google clicking every link, even though it renders something plausible-looking before you get redirected


@KitRedgrave yeah it seems like they are totally a shitty scam to lure sex workers.

@wakest yeah. kinda suspicious how they just showed up as a "generic classified ads page" with no news or anything

@KitRedgrave seems like there are a bunch of people even here on switter using them...

@wakest i hope they aren't secretly cops or anything like that

@wakest it's amazing what the force will spend money and personnel hours on

not anything to make their local community more livable or better, but purely to bust people who are just trying to make a living on phony baloney moral grounds


@KitRedgrave cause they have no moral code that makes any fucking sense also acab

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