Q: "What makes Mastodon the new Twitter so incredibly immersive and addictive?"

A: the lack of social media managers thinking its the new hot place to dump their spam

@wakest "Q: What makes Mastodon so addictive?"
"A: If you find yourself addicted to Mastodon, please file a bug report so we can add features to counteract this."

@gaditb @wakest @trwnh it’s neither of these things really. I can’t believe someone thought to pose the question like that.

Oh right, “Social Media Manager”. Hmm.

I like the conversations, so keep coming back 🤔

on what planet is mastodon "addictive"? fun, definitely, but not *addicting*. lol @ marketers liking people being emotionally dependent on websites

@mayvaneday @wakest I'm emotionally dependent on this website because I love everyone on it

@ben I was going more for dark patterns/the website being purposely hardcoded to make the user dependent on its functions, but that's perfectly valid too

@wakest social media analysts will never figure out why people love the taste of federated toast crunch

@wakest I'm going to continue to tell them how boring it is in order to buy us a few more months time

@wakest kind of agree here too. though i wonder whether it's a lasting "feature"

@wakest I would say that if Mastodon (or the fediverse) keeps growing and engage more people, it's just a matter of time before marketers see it as a potential platform.

'pinterest marketer'? I've got two words for people like that, and the second one is 'off'

lets hope Mastodon does not use the same mind manipulation design tricks big tech uses.

I really like its decentral nature. it means it cannot be targetted by the deep state, as Gab has now figured out.

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