threaded forum style comments on the fediverse! @prismo you are killing it!

check it out in the flesh:

@wakest @prismo threaded comments is the normal on many platforms ;) Even on the fediverse, Friendica, hubzilla, etc.

But good job #Prismo for joining the #fediverse! 🎉

@prismo how do I get #Prismo on the site btw? Is it going to support Nodeinfo or NodeInfo2 ? If not, is there an info/API endpoint to query for version, instance name, user counts, etc?

@jaywink i need to research this topic and let you know later today :) any recommendations?

@prismo great! Seems I have a bug in the parser, will fix within a few hours

@prismo Fixed

Btw, your NodeInfo2 doc says you have more active users than total users ;) Sounds like a bug?

@prismo does a "max" on the total users, that is why it doesn't show on the site

@jaywink umm are you sure about that? I can see that there are 17 total users and 17 active users - seems fine to me?

@prismo Hmmm ok :D I'm sure when I looked at the JSON doc an hour or so ago it showed more. Looks ok now!

@jaywink yeah that's true, there was such bug but i fixed it like an hour ago ;)

@prismo I'll add the logo and link to the source and such tomorrow 👍

@jaywink @prismo you are right of course I just had to go double check, I have gotten so use to the lack of it here on mastodon that I must have forgotten lol

posting a screenshot for others to compare how it looks on

@wakest @jaywink yeah the truth is all the AP projects uses threaded comments internally. It's mostly about the UI how we see them tho

We even have a smart threading option to limit the depth of the thread when two people are answering each other!
Oh, I need to find that option. Comments don't really need to be indented unless there are multiple branches of conversation present.
Settings -> Display -> Content Layout -> Smart Threading
Yeah, I found it! And a handful of other settings too. Twenty tabs of Friendica tend to eat CPU, I hope "only refresh on top" and increasing the refresh period to 5 minutes will help against that. And I didn't know there was infinite scroll available! I have missed that.
Ladies and gentlemen, another satisfied user right there! Buy Friendica, use Friendica, share Friendica.
@wakest @prismo The screenshot looks great but unfortunately the website locks me out due to wrong Cloudflare configuration 😕 Please go to the firewall settings and add Tor to the whitelist.There are still people who care about privacy.
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