Slightly bizarre that a graph like this could be made, but yep.
IPFS: Let's build a high-performance, non-censurable web, and let's add a cash incentive on the side for hosting content. Comes from Silicon Valley-adjacent VC-funded hackers.

DAT: Let's build something that is usable for your average scientist, specifically for sharing scientific datasets, so that that information can be accessible without going through scientific journals or someone's private stash. Comes from EU-grant-funded Danish hackers. Happens to be usable for a distributed web as well.

@deejoe maybe its relation to filecoin? I think currencies would immediately bring it from left to right.

Subjective assessment of the community around each, I assume. I don't know all of the names, but the ones I do know agree with my own assessment.

@haakon @wakest @clacke the developer of CJDNS was on mastodon @cjd for a while. His beliefs seem more like where facebook is on that chart.. to be honest.

Tbh feel like maybe i should've asked him why he believed Iran was such a sponsor of terrorism..(and other things..)

I suppose maybe just because discussions like that are tiresome, and probably not particularly productive.. But that describes the rest of my existence too.

@wakest that'd explain why I feel so out-of-place here.

LB: accurate, though I'd put diaspora a lot closer to the center, maybe even lopping over to the right a bit. Not on a technical basis, just on a cultural one.

@wakest What an awesome poster! I'm glad to see where scuttlebutt and mastodon are, although it's important to remember that anyone can create an instance and different political opinions can flourish. That's important. I agree with @jasper that new #cjdns developments and @cjd's opinions put cjdns further up, maybe a bit too the right as well. If anything, #yggdrasil is definitely in the bottom left, it removes Internet hierarchy in its mesh protocol.

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