really really need a federated Patreon I am tired of explaining that the fediverse is all financially tied to a centralized collector of contributions. makes the whole explanation of the decentralized factors more confusing and less true then it could be.

@wakest I think that's called cryptocurrency. :)

But, I'm glad to see some of the instances branching out to libreapay. Hopefully they'll consider other things too like subscribestar, drip (if anyone can get on it) or direct CC payments.

In practice, there are only a handful of viable exchange places that haven't closed or been hacked, so cryptocurrencies aren't the panacea either.

@hypolite I agree, but it is just one option besides using Patreon. There are merits why I want it to succeed, mainly for those who do NSFW who are usually the front runners of who gets kicked off of most funding sources. Crytpo is non-moralistic which has merits, sadly most of them are based on "my CPU is bigger" which is... regrettable and why I think proof of stake might be better.

Also, I seem to be constantly getting letters from my banks about information leaks too. :)

Oh yeah, beyond the liability of cryptocurrency, the underlying philosophy isn't always kind to humans and the planet in general. I definitely agree with you about sex workers.

And there's a difference about PII being leaked and cryptocurrency being stolen. I believe most people prefer the former over the latter.

@wakest I find Patreon so fascinating. It's really the startup story. I believe the things Jack Conte says. I believe he had honest intentions. However, thanks to VC money and Silicon Valley, his company has become the thing he was trying to escape. Jack cannot acknowledge this or see it because it would probably destroy him.

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