I want so badly to support #PeerTube, but when I tried to share it with someone at work as an alternative, the instance they happened to click on was nearly 60% porn, which generally is whatever and was mostly CW'd, but it was all on the front page, which does not give a good first impression to newbies... I know the freedom of the #Fediverse is its main appeal, but I feel like I can't share the Fediverse with anyone outside of it most of the time because of it!

@Alamantus @switchingsocial there are more closed instances that dont have any porn on them. maybe send a link to one of them or to the main joinpeertube page.

@wakest @switchingsocial
I'm pretty sure they got to the PT instance in question via the joinpeertube page (or maybe one of the federation list pages, I don't remember), and I feel like sending them to a specific one wouldn't show what makes it special, ie "this is just a knockoff Youtube, why would I use this instead"

I don't have a better solution than what you suggest, I'm just a little bummed that I can't invite more people easily.

@switchingsocial @wakest I feel like even just that kind of switch would be helpful to have. Even just for regular users who already understand it, I'd love to be able to choose if/when I see nsfw stuff, ie when I'm at work lol

@switchingsocial @Chocobozzz @wakest @Alamantus

That is an option for site administrators under administration > configuration > policy on videos containing sensitive content

3 options: Do Not List, Blur thumnails or Display

The same 3 options are available under a users account settings.

@switchingsocial @Alamantus @wakest I think that is also because some of the porn instances dont mark their content as nsfw in the first place.

Shameless self-promo, there is no untagged porn on my instance, peertube.social

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