Is there any progress on bringing public transport navigation to #OpenStreetMap? The fact it's not a feature is basically the only caveat for me to using #OSM now.

Probably not exactly what you're asking, but the app has OSM and public transport directions.

@mayel @GreenandBlack I'm not sure why that wouldn't count. It is routing using #OSM data for public transport. It's only for metro/underground routes and only a whitelist of cities alas.


In that case, the Moovit app also uses OSM maps (though probably other sources for public transport data) and support many cities including bus routes, etc.

@mayel @rory @GreenandBlack glad I came across this thread. I downloaded and it lets me submit edits to OSM from the iOS app!


There's a few #iOS #OSM editing apps. I've heard good things about GoMap!!

@mayel @GreenandBlack

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