Wow the Jekyll documentation is so bad. I have been trying to get it going for 2 hours now.

@wakest Have you tried using Hugo? I spent hours playing around with it without looking at any documentation. Granted I haven't used Jekyll at all so I don't know if Hugo is easier.


What I found crazy when I tried to try it was that it was wanting to pull in like 1 Gb of dependencies in whatever language it is written in (ruby?).

Since I don't use ruby I ended up choosing a generator based on something I do already use, both for space saving and hackability reasons, so I ended up with #hexo which is based on #nodejs.


@61 @joel will have to check that out. now that I got Jekyll set up I am liking it but its the first time I have tried a static site generator so I have nothing to compare it to.

@wakest Fair enough, thankfully that exports to markdown so if you wanted to switch to Hugo, you probably could.

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