I hate SSL and HTTPS. It makes self hosting so much harder. Having all sorts of issues. I am serving a public website I don't need a secure connection.

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@xj9 that indeed is one good reason for it. Maybe what I really wanted to complain about is browsers making you go through hell just to look at a website that doesn't have a valid cert. like yeah shits dangerous sometimes and me having a valid cert just to read a text file is not gonna change that.

@lunaterra yeah was just trying to figure it out for an hour cause I wanted to get my site off of github but gave up cause I didn't understand the errors I was getting.

@lunaterra no off github. github does it automatically. I moved my site off to Hostgator and then of course it didn't automatically move the already existing letsencrypt so I tried re adding it to the new hosting provider but it was giving me so many issues.

@selea @lunaterra something about there being an unexpected result in my .well-known folder and it kept showing this error even after I deleted everything out of the folder.


You dont have any rewriterules or proxying all traffic to .well-known to another server?
You can try DNS-validation instead.


If Certbot can't be run Hostgator,

Install locally and issue cert. Move the cert to the server

@selea @lunaterra @wakest

@noorul @selea @lunaterra I tried that. I was getting errors I didn't understand on the local certbot about something in my .well-known folder being unexpected. I messed with it for a an hour and couln't figure it out.


I can recommend using instead also, certbot likes to have alot of dependecies :)

@noorul @lunaterra

Hey buddy,

Whats up?

I've used ZeroSSL and CertBot on Webserver.

Just heard from you about

Read about it here

Will try this out soon and avoid using certbot.

I've used ZeroSSL Web service for Let's encrypt TLS certificate.

We can verify with DNS challenge with adding token to TXT record on DNS.

It's good choice for shared hosting.

@wakest @lunaterra @selea

@tomas @wakest I think you'd be much happier getting your own dedicated server, or at least a VPS. It takes away all that annoying "magic" that hosts give you and ensures that what runs is exactly what you set up and nothing more.

@thinkMoult @tomas working on just setting up my own server but one step at a time. I have free hosting on my fathers hostgator account that I have had for like 15 years so thats why I was using it.

@wakest @tomas I think a linode VPS is something like 5 bucks :) good to play with

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