@cwt did you write the theme your running on microblog.pub? great to see people customizing their presence.

@wakest Yep, I optimized it for my tiny phone screen. Responsive web, and big clear font is a must. 😃

@wakest you mean hardware? it's my old laptop, 6 or 7 years old already, but it has a plenty of RAM and also SSD.

@cwt oh thats awesome. how easy was it for you to get setup?

@wakest Well, I forked it from https://microblog.pub/ around a month ago, fixed things, change themes, add fonts, refactor the code, add some missing parts. Let's say that the hardest part is already done now.

@wakest Here the simplified version of my instance running script.

You still need to setup rabbitmq user/pass/vhost along with the nginx configuration and letsencrypt certificate beforehand.


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