Etsy sellers say their bank accounts were emptied in major billing snafu

@wakest I see that you use the svelte version of HN...

You're a man of good taste !

@0gust1 @wakest just loads so much faster and it much less ugly. (p.s. prefer to not be refereed to as a man)

@liaizon @wakest oh, sorry (and thanks) I still need to educate myself.

You're a person of taste ! (I really like svelte and the philosophy behind it)

@0gust1 @wakest no worries. thats why I added it in a PS. its really cool that mastodon has customizable profile fields we can add our pronouns in cause it helps with this type of thing immensely.

I was actually wondering recently if anyone had tried to use svelte with any #ActivityPub stuff...

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