RT Privacy cannot exist without free/open software. This is why ProtonMail is Open Source!

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@wakest ohh. We should poke them about getting on the fediverse!

@wakest Wait, people were recommending Proton Mail BEFORE it was open-source?

@wakest Now? what part of it wasn't open source? I remember forking a repo of it two months after it started.

@Install_Gentoo looks like I was late to the party this article is old.

@wakest it's 2015 but it doesn't make it any less great

It's not even as open as Telegram is, PM only released the source of their web client, but not the server, mobile client nor the POP/IMAP bridge app. So that doesn't really fit the title.

@wakest Saying that Protonmail is open source is not true, only the client is open source.

@wakest pretty awesome :) Been using it for last half a year - and that's good news for me :)

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