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I love browsing the noun project

so many good ideas for icons and avatars. And all the icons are Creative Commons Attribution (CCBY)

(screenshot of icons by Tinashe Mugayi)

The new federated Instagram clone @pixelfed is trying to come up with a logo (issue here: github.com/dansup/pixelfed/iss) so I was playing with some dumb ideas.

you can follow me there! pixelfed.social/p/wakest/1668

I really don't know how I got 73.9 million views on my giphy (giphy.com/wakest/)

Excited to hear Paul Frazee, Tara Vancil & Mathias Buus of Beaker Browser being introduced by @louisc at in

At a blockchain event sponsored by ShapeShift in atm

omg now has a text only version, not even any css. thanks text.npr.org

Hugh Isaacs II talking about the p2p zombie apocalypse at peer-to-peer-web

At a livestream of peer-to-peer-web/nyc at Trust Berlin (trust.support) and Sam Hart is defining the word decentralization.

Stéphane Bortzmeyer - The Fediverse - A Decentralized Social Network (May 16th 2018)


real ad on some gossip newspaper site I was reading an article on. was too curious so I clicked on it. it was an ICO ad of course.

RT @openbazaar@twitter.com: Want to trade directly peer-to-peer with NO fees? Check out the latest OpenBazaar release!! - Trading Now Available on OpenBazaar - openbazaar.org/blog/cryptocurr
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RT @everestpipkin@twitter.com: i suppose this is in the tradition of utility providers but it still caught me off guard
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