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˗ˏˋ wakest ˎˊ˗ @wakest@mastodon.social

I have been running this glitch/abstract blog thats currently called "Back Pixel Anthology" for a few years, I want to transition to using a url and name that are more linked and sound more inviting.
There are already a number of projects using the term 'black pixel' so I can't just go with that. Please go take a look at the sort of content I post (glitch.gq/archive for a good overview) and give me some name ideas?! mastodon.social/media/FE4Jr6cQ

ran across this in google image search today not sure who made it. mastodon.social/media/MREeeKlC

I am currently in an abandoned power plant in New Orleans.

dear internet what the fuck are these called I cant google my way to the answer. they have a specific name and I cant remember it. they were like the precursors to social media buttons everywhere. mastodon.social/media/YS3sXV3v