mastodon audio support is ready just needs to be merged! I am so down for this I hope we can make it happen.

The Discrete Charm of the Alphabet
What knowledge do these alphabetizations produce? Yuk Hui, Sybille Krämer, and others question limitless trust in codes, demand a new project of digital enlightenment and attempt to bring repressed memories back into consciousness. Jan 11, 3pm

made this little animation last night to show my friend how to use

You're getting kinda grim, Unicode. Are you ok? Problems at home?

There’s a “Story” written by Apple in the Apple App Store thats about an app that shares links to Twitter and Mastodon and its now the first thing to show up when you search mastodon in the app store.

Share Faster to Social

if anyone is in and looking for something to do tomorrow (the 1st, my birthday) my friend Zenna is doing a talk about Scuttlebutt

Map of the World made by Arab cartographer Abu Abd Allah Muhammad al-Idrisi in 1154 at court of Roger II of Sicily

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