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"Ray Nelson has professed that his greatest claim to fame is to be the creator of the iconic propeller beanie as emblematic of science fiction fandom while a 10th-grader at Cadillac High School."

So I watched They Lived again tonight, it had been a few years since last time I watched it. It really holds up as a straight forward critique of capitalism.

heres a photo of me reading poetry at in 1993 at the New Coast Festival, SUNY-Buffalo.

taken by Chris Funkhouser

@mangakantoku is making these ridiculous shirts. I thought I would reupload these pix because Pawoo is blocked from most English instances.

Porkbun is having $2 domain name sale right now for first year registrations of the following domain names:


p.s. this is not a promotional post I just like domain names and this is the registrar I have been using for a few years that I am quite happy with...

think we can get "Join The Fediverse" into the State of the Union address for 1$?

Care about history!? Have an internet connection and a computer?! Help the ArchiveTeam archive all of Flickr before they delete all of our collective memories!

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