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I looked up a song using Siri which uses Shazam, that Apple owns now, and you can’t copy the answer nor can you click on the link to Apple Music if you don’t have either of the apps installed, all I wanted was a copy the name of the song

thats cool, the default Jekyll theme has multi instance support (sadly mentions Mastodon only, but you got to start somewhere)

a rat peeled this hello kitty sticker off my laptop last night and tried to chew the lid off my jar of peanut butter.

The Rojava Information Center - - provides news, updates and research from on the ground in North Eastern .

Take a look at our launch video to see who we are, what we've covered so far, and how we can help you connect with the people and stories of !

I really wish I would have submitted something to the 2018 Trashxploitation Festival‎, I hope it happens again.

some documentation from here

tired: arguing about whether or not you should use webfinger
wired: surfing the web with webbed fingers.

passed this warty lemon today and tried to shake it to get one to drop with no luck.

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