really really need a federated Patreon I am tired of explaining that the fediverse is all financially tied to a centralized collector of contributions. makes the whole explanation of the decentralized factors more confusing and less true then it could be.

Support federation in Coral Project Talk

“A better commenting experience from Mozilla, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.”

How should implement with its open source commenting system used by real big news websites? How should federated news conversations work? Weigh in here:

threaded forum style comments on the fediverse! @prismo you are killing it!

check it out in the flesh:

So theres a new website that implemented partial
support called made by @vt

Just thought you all might want to know. You can message me tests to @wakest if you want.

Thanks to @clacke for pointing it out that Evan was referring to this post about the The Rebus Foundation:

They are hiring a Node developer to make a reading application with support

Looks like you can ping @baldur about the job directly on the fediverse.

Evan Prodromou (who is the grandfather of federated microblogging, I don't think you wouldn't be here without them.) is hiring someone to work on ActivityPub software.

"If you want a (paying full-time permanent) job (with real human money) building server software please DM me"

so now that features are really starting to diverge between different sites we really need a way to come together and decide how these little bits can fit together. for instance has a ton of features they have implemented recently like polls and reactions other then 'star',

the masto fork has implemented in their instance and it looked like misskey is doing something similar with

"To help the newcomers make connections, list 10 things that interest you as # tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

hacker news talking about us again. please take part and add positivity to this conversation. it will help us in the long run!

did a photoshoot of some clothes to sell today on Depop. Wish someone was working on a distributed stuff selling platform.

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