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So @zack @renatolond @drequivalent have all submitted requests for projects to add support which is really awesome and I am super on board for this and want to contribute to the commotion we are making in this space. Shall we find a place we can all combine our effort in the process of encouraging the federation of the internet? I think a wiki or @cryptpad somewhere might be the best place to start a communal list of current submissions.

has hashtag federation working again! A mysterious that was bugging them for months! That was the biggest problem I was concerned about when recommending to people...

@drequivalent as a speaker I assume you have spent time in VK land. Do you know if folks have started preaching the word of / over there yet? I bet there are groups of super competent Russian speaking devs who have dealt with censorship issues and might not have heard of our side of the internet yet.

Well that went quicker then I had imagined. Thanks to @drequivalent for starting this momentum! support is now the #1 most viewed 'idea' on 's idea forum & we are quickly catching up as #2 most commented on.

Have any ideas for where to start getting this idea implemented if the main devs don't have energy? @johnonolan seems like they are excited about the idea so now we just need some people who want to get their hands dirty! @dansup know anyone?

Trying to drum up support for adding to , we are quickly moving up the list of 'Ideas' and currently at 6th place in view count on their idea tracker in a matter of a few days.

If you have some ideas yourself about how Ghost could join the please come join the conversation over here:

@jordila I see you have been posting a bunch about stuff. Maybe you would like to help with @lightone and @strypey have been the only folks really active but we need more people who care about this stuff. There is so much information to process.

GNU Social is joining side of the thanks to the hard work of @up201705417! Federate all the things! Standards are powerful things!

@pfefferle would you like donations for your work in implementing an plugin for ? The potential of adding this level of federation to the WordPress ecosystem is such an exciting proposition I think there are many people who would love to contribute to that future.

Lets all collectively make this go up the list! The most replies on any "idea" is 23 on their idea form so if 23 of us had ideas about how could or should be implemented in that should be a simple matter. The future of is closer then we might imagine.
thanks @drequivalent for starting this issue on the ghost forum.

Reposting @aaronpk's interface they implemented for mentions in ( for better visibility and inspiration. Bridging the and is so exciting. Lets hope this trend continues infinity!

how did you get working in ? and is that part released yet? I didn't see it mentioned here


Saw you are interested in and and the future of and thought I would say hi since I am also really interested in those things and how they converge. @dl

"Also I think to implement a bridge Matrix-ActivityPub as S2S. For example, a room – is a ActivityPub’s actor. Room participants is a bot corresponds to actors you follow to. Room timeline is a Inbox+Outbox. Reactions is a likes/favorites. Pinning message is a boost. Replies will be very useful."

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