just signed up for a fedi account at @x@💛.tk but mastodon doesn't respect punycode so it doesn't really work too well for its intended purposes. I guess I should see how it works with . @x

Testing this new app called thats for and . it seems really filled with different features but most of the interface is still only in japanese. whould love to get it translated...

Anyone know any japanese devs who are fluent in english and might want to help translate more of ? Really liking how misskey is going lately but they could really use some help in the non department.

so now that features are really starting to diverge between different sites we really need a way to come together and decide how these little bits can fit together. for instance has a ton of features they have implemented recently like polls and reactions other then 'star',

the masto fork now.kibousoft.co.jp has implemented in their instance and it looked like misskey is doing something similar with misskey.xyz/notes/5b7c8643894f

Checking in on some projects:

theres a new instance that seems to load much faster (maybe cause its not on only Japanese servers) msky.cafe/

got a bunch of updates and now you can finally change your user avatar. still no federation sadly but looks like its coming along.

has hashtag federation working again! A mysterious that was bugging them for months! That was the biggest problem I was concerned about when recommending misskey.xyz to people...

some words that I submitted got accepted in the english translation of ! I think that actually makes it my first contribution to an project other then talking about stuff with people.

@banjofox@dev.glitch.social are you maintaining fediverse.party? There are a few new players to be added that federate with everyone the newest being

just came across a new compliant microblogging platform called I have never heard of thanks to a @syuilo post in the public timeline.