I really don't know the significance of this but I was dreaming about it the other night and it seemed important. I was thinking about people in the Amazon rainforest fighting Amazon delivery drones with sticks and spears (and winning)

On my way to another airport. I lost count this year. Trying to use up all the fossil fuel quickly so we can get on with our anticapitalist solar hover go carts. From one hot city to an even hotter desert I go. Whoosh.

‪Just listened to Andre Staltz, Zenna Fiscella & Zach Mandeville talking about , , , , , , on Steal This Show (content.blubrry.com/stealthiss)

Interesting discussion about the state of the world, how we think about networks, the assumptions we hold dear to us, the difficulty in explaining complexity, on boarding, etc

Thanks to @sifr for posting the link.

you know whats solarpunk? opening a freezer and seeing that its filled to the brim with different types of vegetables that your friends have neatly processed for the next season when there isn’t fresh vegetables as readily available. That’s .

anyone wanna figure out whos domain this is so we can turn it into the coolest instance around? they obviously intend it to be social already with the tinyboard install mastodon.social/media/JhU5S5XV

was ranting about how and are the closest to the answers I have been looking for to a group of anarchists in the backyard of a diy venue in tonight.

just found out there's a instance called sunbeam.city and I am stoked