@hil I was just thinking I wonder if all the FLOSS mobile OS's sent them a message together being like WE ARE YOUR BEST OPTION what would happen

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@Jovonni@twitter.com @AndrewPuschel@twitter.com > Not even with the use of differential privacy and FHE?

If I could encrypt my body while walking around in public I would...

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I excited about the possibility of deep learning making it insanely cheap to make movies to the point where solo artists can make successful ones. twitter.com/naval/status/94695

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Besides Twitter, you can now follow this account also on Mastodon: fosstodon.org/@manyver_se/

logged into my older profile here to check the federated timeline and its all porn lol

So the new owner of Circle Foods is a reality TV house flipper who loves cops. I posted this on twitter and they liked it obviously not understanding my irony of why I was quoting their cop hugging photo.

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strugee.net/blog/2019/04/make- by @strugee2@twitter.com -- a browser extension that changes the reCaptcha "I'm not a robot" line to "I want to do unpaid image classification"

can you explain this three card spread to me? I found each card 10 feet apart yesterday in the parking lot of an abandoned powerplant. instagram.com/p/BwXmfullqnI/

Currently on my way to Detroit for a week! Who should I hang with?!

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"I have absolutely nothing against male 'historians', as long as they don't skew everything towards men and men's history." Mary, proper historian

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