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@h @bob @vertigo I fucking wish I had 500 trinitrons. I would build a palace if I did... actually what I really want is 500 Dotronix to make a wall out of....

@h @vertigo @bob if someone knows how exactly how heavy a trinitron is than you know they know some other things...

Translating #Mastodon into #Persian while waiting for my train in Munich Marienplatz after work :)

"F.C.C. Repeals Net Neutrality Rules" fuuuuuuuuuck

@vertigo @bob @h I have never seen anyone else judge the size of something compared to a trinitron. I know that size so well I can picture it better than most things. I have about 17 of them and I have moved 4 times in the last 3 years...

@vertigo @h @bob this is the most fediverse possible outcome of the original question posed. I love it.

so they are gonna kill net neutrality I assume, so whats our next step? start building out our nation wide mesh networks?

Reading about this platform reminded me of the book Bolo Bolo mastodon.social/media/Ys_BAOEX

does Linux Subsystem for Windows mean i can have linux inside windows running in parallels on the mac i have to use at work?

I think “follow me on the fediverse” is better wording than “on Mastodon”? We are but one software that federates with others and it makes us sound centralized and hollow. The biggest thing that hyped me about masto was decentralization and the fediverse highlights that.

OK mastofrens, who's using scuttlebutt? I think it's really neat and will probably use it. I wish I had more nerdy friends to use it in person though.


what's better than #federated microblogging? #P2P microblogging!



@gaditb you can read into anything if you try hard enough.

a cute piece written about the importance of decentralized media and its role.


I have started to rework some of my scenes in Sketchfab, the Rail for the Vagon is my first victim skfb.ly/6uKvU #3dArt #gameArt

We are all so fucking privileged.

At a house party and all the 21 year olds are singing country songs about cocaine.