sometimes i worry that promoting #ActivityPub as a universal S2S protocol is a bad solution (even #litepub 1), because there's going to be a fundamental engineering split concerning interactions in the (~year out) future

@adam @eriner seems to be working fine over here I think its probably just that your instance is blocked by lots of other instances.

@teknari no Pixelfed is a totally different piece of software that will federate with all the other software that uses

@teknari there are a bunch of projects in the works but non super finished. is probably the closest along in this space working on federation with everyone else.

@teknari can also check out Pleroma which fully federates here and is a lot less resource heavy.

@wjmaggos yes, yes it is. I really hope someone starts working on a podcasting first activitypub thingy

@teknari! when did you arrive? you can only be sure of that if you host your own instance really. but at least on here you can be pretty sure who is in control as opposed to some hidden corporate greed.

mastodon audio support is ready just needs to be merged! I am so down for this I hope we can make it happen.

woah another nsfw instance already has 4500 users? thats fucking quick.

@neauoire @slisne oh you've convinced me I need an alt over there, how can I come join the fun?

@neauoire have any recommendations? I have so much history there I want to get out. also really want to figure out how to get all my likes out, have been 'liking' stuff since 2007 there.

tumblr's native export tool has been processing for days now. it doesn't fucking work.

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