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Hey so there's this election in NOLA Saturday. Who do you support?

@ross I mean there are plenty of awful racist reasons it’s not in the news.

Why is there almost no news coverage of getting bombed by right now?!

@sanspoint I don’t know what the adventure zone is. Temporary Autonomous Zone is the acronym I’m familiar with.

@hluanvu hi how’s the application going that your writing ?

RT @hotterpop@twitter.com: Just asked Google now "how old is Stephen Hawking?"

"Stephen Hawking died tomorrow at age 76"

Anyway, timezones are hard

I had a doctors appointment last week and I filled out a form that asked what race I was. The options were vary limited so I selected "other." I just checked my records and they registered "other" as "Black or African American"

RT @anshumanpandey_@twitter.com: .@Princeton Could you please share an update about your efforts to bring home Wang Xiyue? He’s your grad student and a US citizen who, as you are aware, has been wrongfully jailed in Iran since August 2016, during his research on 18th c. Qajar history for his PhD dissertation.

RT @turtlekiosk@twitter.com: everything is wireless if u consider everything connected by wires a single device

seeking life coach — must live within me

RT @VikOlliver@twitter.com: @hacks4pancakes@twitter.com Surveillance Masquerading As Regular Technology - SMART. Smart phone, smart doorbell, smart car...

the uselessness of staring at a blank text field

@lnxw48a1 was def a random angry person. I’m 100% certain they don’t know me. I ran away.