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XRay, the library that I use to parse URLs to show comments, now supports parsing direct Microformats JSON, ActivityStreams 2.0, as well as finding a rel=alternate link and parsing data from that instead!

This means I now get great results when parsing Mastodon or other ActivityPub links, and this is also the first step in what I hope will result in fixing the Microformats situation for WordPress, since a WordPress plugin will be able to generate Microformats JSON and advertise that in a rel=alternate link.

Next up is updating Aperture to take advantage of these new features!

I tried doing something similar, but at least Mastodon expects to be able to do content negotiation on both author profile URLs as well as post permalinks, so that kind of prevents it from being able to effectively work with static sites.

I got to the point of being able to deliver posts to my followers without actually writing any JSON files at all, but then things kind of looked half broken to people in Mastodon.

There's an open issue on GitHub about a potential solution that would make this work better for static sites, feel free to chime in!

The thing to remember is that at some point in recent past nobody knew what e-mail was and people had to learn about. And before that personal computers were new and folks had to learn how to use them.

Not everything can be reduced to what you already know! Mastodon requires a tiny bit of extra knowledge because it differs from other social media platforms.

I want to start a "buy tumblr and make it open source" movement. Anyone want to help?

I just realized I left my fannypack at the boat or maybe dropped it somewhere (really hope thats not the case) cause I don't have it with me. I have a card in my bag but I am not sure if it has any money on it and I just ordered a coffee right before I noticed this. interesting morning dilemma.

You can now challenge someone to game of over toots! 💪

It's actually a standalone server in the , implementing all by itself. 😃

I have been trying to buy flights for 5 hours now. I just need my own plane...

@kosinus I think we should build a Mozilla Persona for the , and integrate it into as many apps as possible.

Users should still be able to use a different provider. In this screenshot there is a centralized provider "apAuth", but the user can provide a URI to another provider.

The UX for logging in with "apAuth" is SO much better than a username/password or BYO provider, I think we need it even if it brings a small amount of centralization around Identity.

I just biked 4 miles one way and realized my hat wasn’t on me in the last ten minutes when a branch brushed my head. I biked back looking on the trail along the way, when I got back found out I left the hat in my friends boat. Being conscious of something is a strange phenomenon.

Hanging out in London for a bit. Need people to interact with AFK.

wow this is a beautiful and depressing story by the daughter of steve jobs. highly recommended reading. feels quite strange reading this on a mac on my lap and an iphone in my hand.

@Gargron heya - is anyone going to be at Decentralised Web Summit from Mastodon in the end? We're doing a workshop on decentralised comms and it'd be great to have someone come and fly the flag for Mastodon (otherwise we'll try to muddle through it :)

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