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@deadsuperhero your coming close to gargamel, gotta up your post quality.

wait we lost the crazy mario font here? does that mean that my old posts with those :now: :look: :like: :this:

someone really needs to get to work filling this in...

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"Neanderthals and Denisovans may not have had many opportunities to meet," says Svante Pääbo, director of MPI-EVA.

"But when they did, they must have mated frequently - much more so than we previously thought."

one last I just came across that I thought you might all like.

oh right nevermind. I should just start using my alts more.

Oh no I changed to a broken theme on and now its broken and I can't change back...

so i've managed to make bots to link IRC, RSS, Discord, and pleroma all to each other, maybe i should repackage it

linking microblogging bots to chatrooms is cool as hell, getting feed updates in chatrooms and on microblogging is cool as hell too, relay bots are cool as hell

building bridges makes the world a better place and there should be more of it! there are too many echochambers

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my first experience with social media was banging two coconuts together and yelling at people on the bus

The year is 2073. All proprietary social networks are dead. Microsoft and Intel are long gone, everyone uses locally-fabbed RISC-V chips. The world has been cured of cancer, politics and electron.

There are no remaining hardcopy records of the half a century leading up to this, because nobody could get their printer drivers working in that entire time.

What the fuck am I doing reading the "Home" timeline like it's news. This is bad.

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