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Welcome Dr Ravi Kumar to #Fediverse. Probably the first Indian MP on the platform. @Writerravikumar

Do you use a password manager?

Please boost for more reach. #India #security

@Memeghnad @prashere @naukarshah @prasanna_s It's kinda like staying in your apartment. You still get news from other apartments, but you have a set of rules in your community you need to adhere to. You can choose to be active or just follow the messages.

@prasanna_s @naukarshah

Fediverse is how we refer this interconnected federation of servers like federated of states in India with their own managing policies. Free Software suites like Mastodon, Pleroma, Pixelfed, etc are being used to power these servers.

My favorite instance is which is a mastodon instance managed cooperatively by all the members in it.

#Fediverse is how Web should be.

wow the federated timeline on is filled with porn and basically more porn

woah the buttons on mastodon 3 have background hover rectangles

meet my new friend!

new features bring about some serious creative potential in the imagined faces realm of art making

ok goose game just made #1 in the US. I need to play it now.

had a great time last night hearing talk of their experiences with the floating cities project at and getting to see a gaggle of friends faces on the wall in berlin like those of @swoonhq, @__moreferalthan__,,…

Any recommendations for a twitter app for iOS that doesnt have ads?

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