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˗ˏˋ wakest ˎˊ˗ @wakest@mastodon.social

now that I finally have my last name as a domain name hack wake.st I need to do something more interesting then just dumping all my social media links on it.

I keep trying to close my tabs but they multiply faster then I can close them.

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| death to capitalism |
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haven't been spending time on mastodon lately but been using twitter a ton. I think mastodon actually made me start using twitter seriously again which is ironic.

I'm still waiting for #rms to announce that they're changing the name of the #FSF to the Foundation for Software Freedom. cybre.space/media/SwZvkfCHs5Ua #GNU #stallman #opensource #linux #freesoftware

Tomorrow is going to be the first Democratic socialists of America chapter of Suffolk County Long Island #NY . I will be pitching my idea to the organizer of creating a Libertarian socialist caucus, within the LSC we will be working towards short-term, permanent goals, like establishing a Free School 'n free breakfast programs rather than the #reformist position that the #DSA is out to do. Hopefully the organizer let me install it if he does not I'm going to still go with it anyway. Wish me luck

Awake. Made coffee. Letting it steep. Eyes still not adjusted to light.

#PhilandoCastile = No Conviction
#TerenceCrutcher = No Conviction
#SandraBland = No Conviction
#EricGarner = No Conviction
#MikeBrown = No Conviction
#RekiaBoyd = No Conviction
#SeanBell = No Conviction
#TamirRice = No Conviction
#FreddieGray = No Conviction
#DanroyHenry = No Conviction
#OscarGrantIII = No Conviction
#KendrecMcDade = No Conviction

I have been running this glitch/abstract blog thats currently called "Back Pixel Anthology" for a few years, I want to transition to using a url and name that are more linked and sound more inviting.
There are already a number of projects using the term 'black pixel' so I can't just go with that. Please go take a look at the sort of content I post (glitch.gq/archive for a good overview) and give me some name ideas?! mastodon.social/media/FE4Jr6cQ

I woke up but now I have to wake up.

Can somebody give me a hint with which of Abdullah works one should start reading?
(I'm interested in confederalism, state, economy and feminism)

I had never watched pewdiepie before. I have seen people talk about him for years now but I always avoided that godawful name. I didn't realize he's just a shitposter

if you want some new this is what I have been really digging lately soundcloud.com/populous