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“Hey I’m in a little late I’ll call y’all if I can come hang with out later on this weekend or maybe I should wait till I don’t”

Cool, Mastodon got a mention by @headius at #RubyConf. They’re working on JRuby compatibility. Here’s the dependency todo list.

@wakest in a talk? Is there a livestream/will there be a recording?

I assume you were the other person to speak up when mastodon was mentioned @aparrish

aw francis tseng talking about mastodon in the past tense at 😞 ("it was kind of a flash in the pan") (don't worry i spoke up and told the crowd that mastodon is alive and well and very good)

just got a good shoutout onstage at the cybernetics conference in nyc just now.

who's playing with in the ? follow me? dat://c6ff5d7ac4c53d114e5c842d23f0c22720157eb243a06c3dc2f68c71de45d43f

@hypolite will be in nyc for a week or so starting on wednesday, you around?

will someone send me an email to see if it is working to glitch@グリッチ.みんな

I really want to play with more but browser wont stop crashing.

trading ethereum in gdax makes my heart skip way too many beats.

one day we will set the contents of google books free

I hear there is a new influx over here any idea what happened?

We value your privacy. We will only share your personal information with anyone who gives us money.

Sorry I’ve been on the mainstream networks lately.

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