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CryptPad v2.17.0 is now available on, featuring improvements to the previous version's beta release of encrypted spreadsheets! If you haven't given it a try yet, do so now. Full release notes are available on GitHub: #privacy

@cwt did you write the theme your running on great to see people customizing their presence.

@manton tried to upload a picture in Sunlit beta and got this. Had to force quit to get past it after clicking ok.

We're at 14 sign-ups for the fourth round of the #MusicCollab ! - if you make music of any kind or genre and want to collaborate with an internet stranger, feel free to sign up:

:music_collab: 🎼 👾

You can listen to the finished songs of the past rounds here:

#Music #MastoMusic #CreativeToots

I hate SSL and HTTPS. It makes self hosting so much harder. Having all sorts of issues. I am serving a public website I don't need a secure connection.

Someone is smoking a lot of weed in my building and it's getting into my studio. I am allergic and this is annoying.

"XNU is an abbreviation of X is Not Unix"

"XNU is the kernel developed at Apple for use in the macOS operating system and released as free and open-source software"

just discovered @tuxedocomputers on the timeline. Hadn't heard of them till now. Great to see more FLOSS hardware startups! I now have more options to recommend when people ask me what computer they should buy...

I looked up a song using Siri which uses Shazam, that Apple owns now, and you can’t copy the answer nor can you click on the link to Apple Music if you don’t have either of the apps installed, all I wanted was a copy the name of the song

thats cool, the default Jekyll theme has multi instance support (sadly mentions Mastodon only, but you got to start somewhere)

Say hello to @zelf who is an awesome organiser, hacker and solarpunk advocate! :_earth: :ancomheart: :fediverse: :greensun: :_moonfog: :sunbeam: :teal_heart:

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