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The tech industry is already dripping with politics, and libertarian-capitalism is reigning. This ideology promotes the mythical concept of "meritocracy" which is used excuse the marginalization of anyone who is not a 20-something cis-white hetero male, and actually leads to denial that it even does happen. It is also the ideology that had let to massive corporate centralization of the internet.

y’all tread water for years with this “reach across the aisle” idea and wonder why everybody’s mad as hell

Neoliberal elites: Woe is me! Everyone is so isolated in this day and age! So disconnected from their fellow man! We live and work and die in solitude, as strangers surrounded by strangers! What could be causing this? What forces could have possibly conspired to make us so unhappy?
Me: capitalism
Neoliberal elites: maybe it's phones.

Okay it's getting to be that time of year again, so I'm gonna save some time and say the thing I inevitably wind up saying every year anyway:

Fuck christmas shoes. It is the WORST Christmas song, and I hate it SO fucking much.

It somehow manages to both be extremely annoying, and also capable of making me cry, and for these reasons I fucking hate it, and I will not tolerate it being played anywhere over the next few months.

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it's cool that facebook puts me one mouse click away from threatening my immigration status

Well, damn. The Free Music Archive is going down. They will be up for at least a few more days, and are archiving with the Internet Archive. :cc:

#CreativeCommons #music #archiving #CulturalLoss

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System76: "Thelio" (a new custom-built open hardware Linux desktop).

* Thelio - Up to 32GB RAM, 24TB storage

* Thelio Major - Up to 128GB RAM, 46TB storage and space for 4 GPUs

* Thelio Massive - Up to 768GB of ECC Memory, 86TB storage

Manufactured and built by System76 in their new facility in the USA, they told us their final goal is to take "the next leap" with a fully open source Linux computer.


#Linux #System76 #openhardware #PC #Thelio #desktop #opensource

90% off ebooks from Haymarket Books They publish tons of required reading for anyone on the left

Research of almost 1m Android apps reveals how data from smartphones are harvested and shared, with nearly 90 per cent of apps set up to transfer information back to Google. Best get all your apps from @fdroidorg - guaranteed no data sharing with Google! 😀

Happy cyberpunk Halloween, fuckers.

Subvert and destroy surveillance capitalism before it destroys us all.

Hey, I'm talking to you, yes you, the one who's letting a corporation build your playlists.

Back in the days (and I still do it) we built our playlists how we liked them, and we could skip how many times we wanted, and we were the only ones to blame for choosing that awkward song, no one else.

Oh I almost forgot: order matters!

Clara Zetkin, August 30, 1932
"All attempts to alleviate the crisis while the capitalist system still prevails can only worsen the disaster. Intervention by the state has failed because the bourgeois state does not control the economy, but the capitalist economy controls the state."

Many people now realize their personal data is used for ad targeting, but that's only the shallow end of a deep pool of nefarious data uses.

Here is a list of 10 instances when data can be used against you, like the gig economy, politics, & social media.

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