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The tech industry is already dripping with politics, and libertarian-capitalism is reigning. This ideology promotes the mythical concept of "meritocracy" which is used excuse the marginalization of anyone who is not a 20-something cis-white hetero male, and actually leads to denial that it even does happen. It is also the ideology that had let to massive corporate centralization of the internet.

Agnes Kasparkova, 90-Year-Old Czech former agricultural worker who is turning her small village into an art gallery by hand-painting traditional Moravian motifs on the local houses and buildings, now in the project's 13th year #womensart

Purism will allow bigoted content on their servers 

I could use some help pinning down the exact terminology for my own personal ideology. I strongly believe in building a non-hierarchical society, but also, that some things need to be coordinated on a large scale to be effective, such as infrastructure and healthcare. Is there a name for this? Is further discussion needed?

It's probably only a matter of time before we get a thinkpiece like "it's actually bad that the fediverse is so nice and positive all the time, being around toxic people taught me how to be tough" and it'll be written by some cishet white dude who contributes to wapo and whose only experience with online harassment is when a bunch of people on Twitter told him to get corncobbed in 2015

St. Louis police want permission to mace nonviolent protesters — again. Attorneys argue that everyone owes the police a "debt of gratitude" because St. Louis didn't experience "full-scale riots" in 2017 after ex-cop Jason Stockley was acquitted of murder.

Featured in Teen Vogue today:

"Fresh off a successful campaign to organize fast-food workers in the Pacific Northwest, the Industrial Workers of the World have also recently announced the formation of the Freelance Journalists Union, a move that brings labor’s radical history into step with its uncertain but exciting future." #IWW_FJU #IWW #freelancejournalistsunion #theunionmakesusstrong #solidarityforever

You don't own anything on a streaming platform and they can close down or lose copyright to specific songs any time, which is why I buy CDs for stuff that I really like

Does anyone else feel like having their own colourful sketchy portrait done? :bob_ross:


– $50 USD ($40 for inks only), payment accepted through Square Invoices
– 2500 x 2500 px High Res PNG file to make your own resizes
– A timelapse video of it being drawn in Procreate
– Drawn based on reference photos you provide

Email me at rheall [at] gmail [dot] com if you're interested! :da_w00t:

#CommissionMe #Commissions #ArtCommissions #ArtistForHire #MastoArt

TFW your boss owns the means of production at ur workplace whilst also being a landlord, and acts twice the cunt just to show it :iww:

USpol, WashPo's shitty reporting 

What kind of a world have we built where we have to justify, in writing, something as natural as parents visiting their children? That’s exactly what I just had to do so my Turkish parents can get a visa to visit me in Ireland. Here’s the letter of invitation I just wrote.

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